Communications au marché


Transmed S.p.A. Offer for Primary Capacity from October 1st, 2019 to October 1st, 2029

(herein after referred to as the “TRANSMED Offer” or simply “Offer”)

With reference to the Offer, TRANSMED informs that:

a) Should any transportation capacity result uncommitted after TRANSMED Offer of July 23rd, 2019 (“TRANSMED First Offer”), TRANSMED will offer this uncommitted capacity by holding a second public offer via TRANSMED website, according to the same principles as TRANSMED First Offer and on the basis of an updated timetable.

For the purposes of TRANSMED Second Offer, TRANSMED informs that:

  1. The date of TRANSMED Second Offer will be communicated in the next few days and set indicatively at the end of August / beginning of September 2019, taking in due consideration the capacity assignment process at the Mazara del Vallo Entry Point.
  2. Interested parties, already registered and validated for TRANSMED First Offer, will be considered registered and validated also for the purposes of TRANSMED Second Offer.
  3. Interested parties not yet registered and validated will find in due time, on TRANSMED website (, the relevant documents for TRANSMED Second Offer and are kindly invited to submit the requested documentation.
  4. As foreseen for TRANSMED First Offer, in order to ensure a coordinated and linked assignment of capacity on the entire transportation system, TRANSMED has reached an understanding with Trans Tunisian Pipeline Company S.p.A. (“TTPC”), whereby an assignee of capacity pursuant to the TTPC Second Offer shall be entitled to execute a Gas Transportation Agreement with TRANSMED for the same capacity and for the same duration assigned by TTPC (TTPC).

b) In the period after TRANSMED Second Offer and until future TRANSMED Offer procedures are announced, any transportation capacity remaining uncommitted will be allocated by TRANSMED in coordination with TTPC at the same terms and conditions provided for in the Offers.

c) Over the next months, TRANSMED intends to open a consultation phase with a view to progressively introducing transportation products with duration shorter than one year.