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15/11/2019 - Transmed S.p.A. “First Come First Served” Offer for Primary Capacity

TRANSMED reminds that the firm transportation capacity on the offshore pipeline system across the Sicily Straits, from the Cap Bon Delivery Point to the Mazara del Vallo Redelivery Point remaining uncommitted after TRANSMED previous offers is available from today until February 15th, 2020, on a “First Come First Served” basis and is offered for a minimum duration of 12 months (“TRANSMED FCFS Offer”).

TRANSMED is the Company in charge to market the transportation capacity leased by Transmediterranean Pipeline Company Ltd (“TMPC”) and relating to TMPC-owned gas pipelines that connect the Cap Bon Compression Station, in Tunisia, to Mazara del Vallo, in Italy.

Interested Parties will find on the TRANSMED website ( the relevant documents, among which in particular:

Applicants already having an active assignment with TRANSMED need to be aware that the Power of Attorney and the Declaration must in any case be re-submitted.

Please note that in order to ensure a coordinated and linked assignment of capacity on the entire transportation system, TRANSMED has reached an understanding with Trans Tunisian Pipeline Company S.p.A. (“TTPC”), whereby an assignee of capacity pursuant to the TTPC FCFS Offer shall be entitled to execute a Gas Transportation Agreement with TRANSMED for the same capacity and for the same duration assigned by TTPC (TTPC).

Please also be informed that the above mentioned available transportation capacity does not include the corresponding capacity at the Entry Point in Mazara del Vallo on the Snam Rete Gas network system.

For further information, please send an email to


1_TM-Announcement-November 15th-2019.pdf
2_TM-Key Contractual Terms of the GTA November 15th-2019.pdf
2.2_TM-Annex-2_Declaration-FCFS Offer November 15th-2019.docx
2.3_TM-Annex-3_Power-of-Attorney-FCFS Offer November 15th-2019.docx