Sonatrach SeaCorridor



TRANSMED First Come First Served Offer 2024-25

(hereinafter the “Offer”)

TRANSMED informs that the firm transportation capacity on the offshore pipeline system across the Strait of Sicily, from the Cap Bon delivery point to the Mazara del Vallo redelivery point, which remained uncommitted after TRANSMED’s previous offers, is available from June 27th, 2024 on the PRISMA platform, on a “first come first served” basis, now also with additional weekly, weekend, and day-ahead durations.

The offered products are:

  • Gas Year and multiples thereof;
  • Calendar Year and multiples thereof;
  • Quarters of Gas Year 2024-2025 (Q4 2024, Q1, Q2 and Q3 2025);
  • Months of Gas Year 2024-2025;
  • Weeks (7 days Sat-Fri or Sun-Sat) of Gas Year 2024-2025;
  • Week Working Days (5 days Mon-Fri) of Gas Year 2024-2025;
  • Weekends (2 days Sat-Sun) of Gas Year 2024-2025;
  • Days-Ahead of Gas Year 2024-2025.

For the purposes of the Offer, TRANSMED also informs that:

  • Interested parties will find here below the Offer procedure (“Procedure”) and its relevant attachments: Key Contractual Terms of the Gas Transportation Agreement, Registration Form, Declaration, and Power of Attorney.
  • Participation in the Offer is through the PRISMA platform only (PRISMA).
  • Applicants already having an active assignment with TRANSMED on the PRISMA platform should submit an updated Power of Attorney and/or Declaration only if those already provided do not comply with the templates provided or have already expired - or are about to expire - at the time of participation in the Offer (for the avoidance of doubt, a valid Power of Attorney must be in place at the time of any capacity booking).
  • Applicants not having an active assignment with TRANSMED on the PRISMA platform are kindly requested to register on the PRISMA platform and to submit to TRANSMED all the required documentation pursuant to the Procedure.

As with previous TRANSMED offers, the Offer provides for a coordinated and linked allocation of capacity on both TTPC and TMPC transportation systems, and the booking process for bundled TTPC/TRANSMED transportation capacity is entirely managed through the PRISMA platform. Interested parties will find TTPC terms and conditions at

Please be informed that the above mentioned available transportation capacity does not include the corresponding capacity at the Mazara del Vallo entry point on the Snam Rete Gas network system.

For further information, including to request the full text of the official French version of the GTA, please send an email to